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In the realm of anti aging skincare, antioxidants reign supreme. We need them, and we need them in abundance. They fight wrinkles. They protect our collagen. They prevent dark spots from forming and sagging from taking over. They make our skin smarter. In essence, they’re our skin’s best friend. And they are wonderfully abundant in nature, providing us with ample opportunity to utilize their benefits. One of the most striking antioxidants that we use on a daily basis is Acai. 

Acai is a fruit that grows in the Amazon. Exotic, potent and fantastically effective, Acai is a berry known for its deep, dark pigmentation. And it is this dark coloring of this little berry that translates into powerful and potent antioxidant activity. Acai rates very high on the ORAC scale- meaning it does a very good job of neutralizing free radicals that would otherwise cause our skin to age faster and more noticeably. This means wrinkles, fine lines, dark spots, sagging, inflammation and an overall poor and compromised dermal structure are prevented. 
Instead, Acai builds collagen and helps to make the structure of the skin stronger and more integrity filled. It helps your skin stay vibrant, strong and clear. Acai is a critical component to an intelligence filled anti aging skincare protocol, and its presence works together with other antioxidants included along side it so that its effects, and the effects of the other ingredients, are multiplied and made more effective. You can visualize the deep purple pigments going into your skin and working together with your body’s natural intelligence to strengthen, restore and heal.

We choose to include Acai in our anti aging skincare formulations as part of our comprehensive antioxidant filled product base so that, no matter what product you use, the benefits of Acai will go straight to your skin. Ingredients such as this are not only appropriate, but absolutely perfect for all skin types because literally all of us can benefit from some extra anti aging help, especially from antioxidants. All of us experience free radicals in our skin on a daily basis. By including ingredients such as Acai into our daily anti aging skincare protocol, we ensure that daily oxidation is taken care of.

Beautiful in its coloring, and beautifying in its effects, Acai is an anti aging skincare ingredient to be heartily utilized. Daily applications may result in extra healthy, happy and glowing skin.

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