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In the world of plants and flowers and fruits is a special group of botanical beings with special powers due to their high concentration of one particular substance: antioxidants. The group? Berries, and you no doubt already know them through things like desserts and eating them fresh in the summer. But their uses and pleasures go beyond the world of sweet confections and snacks and extends into the realm of skincare. When it comes to berries, we want them on our team. And how do we get them there? We put them on our faces. Especially if they’re called acai.

You might have seen acai in your health food store as a frozen smoothie mix. The deep purple color from this Amazonian berry has been made popular as a superfood for people wanting to enhance their longevity. The reason? Antioxidants. See, that deep purple color is where the antioxidants live, and those antioxidants are responsible for hunting and killing free radicals, the sneaky and mean agents of aging. By using an anti aging skincare product that contains high quality acai, you give your skin a daily dose of much needed free radical protection.

Acai also helps to protect your skin’s ability to process information correctly by way of its DNA protective properties. The reason? Those fancy little antioxidants. They do this by way of keeping the DNA disrupting free radicals away from your cell’s DNA. This might sound super technical and sciencey, but the reason this is so important is because when a cell’s DNA is disrupted, dysfunction begins to manifest, and that’s what leads to things like premature aging and even worse (and scarier) issues. By using a potent source of antioxidants everyday, like acai in your skincare, you effectively protect the DNA housed within your skin cells for optimal skin function and appearance.

You can find acai in virtually any kind of anti aging skincare product you wish. Washes, masks, moisturizers and scrubs can all contain acai, and your skin will surely benefit from using them. But the best kind of anti aging skincare product to use for when you really want to deliver potent and power ingredients is a serum. Be it a facial serum or specialized eye serum, this is the best product to go with because the molecular structure of a serum is smaller than other skincare products, which means it penetrates into the skin at a higher and faster level. But no matter the product type you use, the point is to get that wild and wonderful acai onto your face.

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