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When you think of beautiful skin, what are some things that come to mind? For us, we think of succulent, dewy, and firm. We think of glowing, soft, and even-toned. Basically, everything that we want with regard to glorious, healthy, radiant skin brings us back to Aloe Vera. The adaptive, moisture retentive, and polysaccharide-rich properties of this incredible desert plant have rightly made it the Beauty Queen of the desert, and we encourage you to do everything you can to have her in your anti-aging skincare routine.

It takes a certain kind of strength and intelligence to thrive in the dry, hot desert. And that level of intelligence is the exact kind of genius you want to continuously infuse into your skin cells. Aloe Vera’s ability to hold onto moisture and stay succulent in an environment that is so conducive to dryness is imparted to your skin with every use, and this is exactly why we include it in our anti-aging skincare formulas. If you like, you can even split open an Aloe leaf and apply it directly to your face if you have your own plant at home.

In fact, the infamously beautiful Cleopatra mashed and applied the gel of the Aloe plant onto her face daily, and for good reason. Aloe Vera contains a high percentage of naturally occurring MSM, which is a sulfur compound responsible for keeping the skin elastic, strong, and ready and able to expertly heal itself. Aloe Vera is also a potent source of living silica and as such is extremely therapeutic for everything from burns to sagging skin.

Aloe Vera leaf promotes the regeneration of new skin cells while simultaneously delivering a collagen building cocktail of amino acids deep into your cells. With it you can nourish your scars, plump up your fine lines and wrinkles, and protect any sensitive and exposed skin that needs a little extra love. Aloe Vera also acts as a skin tightening moisturizer without ever feeling heavy or oily. It effortlessly takes the place of complicated and sometimes chemical laden toners and tighteners, instead imparting a juicy sense of fresh balance to your beauty deserving face.

Aloe is the Queen of the desert, and you deserve to feel just as queenly as she. Infuse your being with her cellular life-giving essence each day, and watch your skin transform into the succulent, clear, and perfectly toned canvas for beauty it was meant to be.

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