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While the new innovations of technology endlessly excite us, sometimes it is the old and ancient that has the most to offer. Though there are plenty of anti aging skincare ingredients that are new and shining examples of the brilliance that modern day science can create, like plant peptides and botanical Hyaluronic Acid, we can also turn to ancient herbs like Astragalus in order to increase and enhance our skin’s natural ability to adapt, heal, and protect itself. It is ancient intelligence at it’s finest, and it’s here, ready to serve your skin.

Astragalus is an herb that has traditionally been used as an adaptogen in traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years. Though typically taken internally for these adaptogenic qualities, it can and is used in anti aging skincare as a topical ingredient where it can directly influence and heal your skin. Astragalus is very rich in polysaccharides, and it is these polysaccharides that enhance the natural immune and protective functions of the skin. These polysaccharides help keep the skin cells performing their job properly, which in turn prevents oxidative damage from free radicals and just plain time because the skin cells have what they need in order to stay intelligent, healthy and optimally functioning.

Astragalus also improves and enhances blood flow, which is crucial if you want to have a glowing, rosy complexion. Healthy blood flow to the skin is part of your body’s nutrition delivery system, and when there is insufficient circulation your skin suffers as a result. It also helps to keep the skin oxygenated, which is part of the overall internal nutrition program that your body knows your skin requires. By applying Astragalus to your skin daily, your anti aging skincare hopes, dreams and tangible results are enhanced exponentially because everything is given the support it needs to be the greatest it can be.

There’s no need to say goodbye to the wonders of modern science. Ingredients like Matrixyl 3000, MSM and botanical retinol all do wonders for the skin and are an important part of an effective and comprehensive anti aging skincare protocol. But it’s also important to embrace the ancient and time tested plants and ingredients that have shown highly beneficial beauty-making activity decade after decade after decade. Astragalus is one of those ingredients. Grace your face with this ancient plant essence and know you are supporting your highest beauty, every time.

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