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Let’s face it: oils are good for your skin. The days of fearing anything remotely oily are quickly fading as people are rediscovering the many amazing benefits that clean, pure botanical oils have for anti aging skincare. We use a fair amount of them in our product line, and one that we really love is Avocado oil.

Now, you might have heard of cooking with Avocado oil, or perhaps you’ve seen hair conditioning products that include it, but have you ever seen it for the face? If not, it’s time to change that! Avocado oil is here to stay and stake its claim in the world of all things beauty, skin and health. One of the nice things about Avocado oil is that even though it’s rich in essential fatty acids and antioxidants, it doesn’t have a heavy texture. This makes it awesome for use in skincare because the last thing any of us want is an oil slicked face. What we do want is soft, hydrated, glowing and happy skin!

Avocado oil contains antioxidants like vitamin A and D along with botanically based plant sterols and essential fatty acids. It is a very stable oil as well which is actually one of the reasons that so many health conscious people choose to cook with it. When it comes to your skin, a stable oil means a better shelf life and better beneficial effects because you don’t have to worry so much about the oil going rancid. Many people with particularly sensitive skin find that not only can they handle Avocado oil in their anti aging skincare, they love it! This is due to its gentle yet nourishing nature.

When choosing an Avocado oil you want to treat it like any other carrier oil and make sure it has been kept in as un-adulterated of a state as possible. Look for oils that have been cold pressed and that haven’t been refined; this can ensure that the helpful properties of the plant oil have not been damaged in any way. Also, Avocado oil has a very neutral smell that makes it perfect for those who are sensitive to strong smells as well as those who like to make their own anti aging skincare products at home.

Whether you are a minimalist and choose to use it alone and straight on your skin or you prefer to use pre and expertly formulated anti aging skincare with Avocado oil in it, you can’t really go wrong. It’s a fantastic ingredient that deserves your attention and use. Go ahead and give it a try- it’s well worth it.

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