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One of the most notorious causes of aging is inflammation. It causes wrinkles, damage to collagen, loss of firmness- basically everything you don’t want to happen to your skin! Any anti aging skincare regimen worth it’s salt will be on the defensive against inflammation, and you’ll know if it’s working from your results- or lack thereof. There are many different and wonderful anti aging skincare ingredients that fight inflammation. Many, if not most, come from plants, and we’re particularly fond of the ones we can get from flowers. Enter: Blue Tansy essential oil.

Blue Tansy essential oil isn’t called ‘Blue’ for no reason. While the flowers are actually yellow, the essential oil has a beautiful blue hue that comes from something called Chamulzine. Chamulzine is a very potent and effective anti inflammatory compound that, when used on your skin, helps to combat and neutralize wrinkle causing inflammation from wreaking havoc on your skin. Blue Tansy essential oil also has a historical use as an antihistamine since the anti inflammatory properties of the oil instantly go to work in helping to reduce the inflammation that comes from allergic reactions.

While helping to fight the inflammation that comes from histamine related reactions might seem trivial at first, it’s actually quite a valuable quality to have in an anti aging skincare ingredient because some types of skin concerns, including things like acne, are actually sometimes a response to an allergy or irritation. This means that everything from acne to eczema could benefit from the diluted and appropriate application of Blue Tansy essential oil to help reduce and soothe the irritation and potential allergy flaring up on the skin.

Aside from the beautifying effects of topical Blue Tansy application, it also has aroma therapeutic applications that are even more useful when used in anti aging skincare. Each breath of this precious oil helps to calm and soothe the nervous system as it also calms and soothes tired and aging skin. It’s a dual acting ingredient that combats visible aging and one of it’s sneakiest causes- stress.

You deserve the best. Your skin deserves real anti aging skincare that is as gentle as it is strong. Blue Tansy essential oil combats inflammation and stress so your skin can stay supple, smooth and soft for longer. Grace your face with this blue beauty and rejoice in the anti aging power of this little wild flower.

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