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Is it any coincidence that some of the most beautifying substances come from wild flowers? Geranium, Blue Tansy, and the infamous Rose are just a few of the floral sources for many incredibly healing and anti aging skincare ingredients. Some are utilized for their extracts, while others yield a potent healing oil, and in the case of the latter, let us not forget about Borage. This beauty building wild flower contains a particularly special fatty acid that heals and harmonizes the skin, bringing gentle, beautifying intelligence into your anti aging skincare- drop by potent drop.

Borage has a long history of use that dates all the way back to the times of Roman historian Pliny, who purportedly wrote of its many virtues. Today, Borage is particularly valued for the oil produced from its seeds, as they contain a particularly high concentration of a fatty acid known as gamma-linoleic acid. This gamma-linoleic acid is a genius when it comes to healing skin that is perpetually dry and irritated, and has been found to be particularly adept at providing relief to people who suffer from Eczema and Atopic Dermatitis.

Even if you don’t have skin that is chronically irritated or dry, including Borage oil in your anti aging skincare routine is optimal because it is very effective at protecting the skin from inflammatory damage as well as regulating cellular water loss, which is an absolutely key factor in premature aging, and dermal aging in general. For example, skin that has lost its luster, elasticity, and plumpness is often skin that is dehydrated and lacking in adequate amounts of water. By including Borage oil in your anti aging skincare, your skin will have what it needs in order to properly maintain its naturally healthy, balanced, hydrated and youthful state.

Beauty is synonymous with balance, and Borage oil is a botanical master at helping the skin to stay in a state of juicy, moisturized and calm balance. You don’t have to live with dry skin, red patches, or an inflammatory skin disorder such as Dermatitis. Healthy, balanced skin is achievable for everybody, and with the right anti aging skincare allies, such as Borage, having healthy, balanced skin is made that much easier. It is for this reason that we include Borage oil in our formulas, and encourage you to embrace it for the beautifully brilliant plant ally that it is. Go ahead, bloom your beauty with Borage.

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