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Known most popularly as an herb that can be drank as a tea for its calming and soothing properties, Chamomile is just as good, if not better, when used for your skin. With a bright yellow center and delicate little white petals, Chamomile proves itself to be a fantastic anti aging skincare ally. Even if you think you don’t need to regularly use something that soothes your skin, the reality is that because of our high stress life styles and environmental pollutants, our skin can always use a little extra TLC.

Chamomile can be used for anti aging skincare in a few different forms. You can use it as an essential oil, a hydrosol, an extract, and even ground up very finely. In all of these instances, the benefits are virtually the same. One of the things that Chamomile does when applied to the skin is that it helps to neutralize causes of irritation. Just like when you drink it as a tea and feel more at ease and even better able to fall asleep, so too does your skin feel, and look, more at ease when you use an anti aging skincare product that contains Chamomile.

Another benefit of using Chamomile is that it acts as an anti inflammatory, which is absolutely essential for maintaining happy, vibrant and young skin. See, inflammation causes aging, and it causes it fast. Think of inflammation as the side kick to free radicals; it’s always there when they are, and it helps in the creation of fine lines, wrinkles, sagging, discoloration- all the things you don’t want happening! By using gentle and effective natural anti inflammatory ingredients like Chamomile in your daily skincare routine, inflammation and its nasty effects are better eliminated.

Chamomile is also mildly antibacterial and antiseptic, which makes it a valuable anti aging skincare ingredient for helping to care for and prevent conditions like acne from either occurring or becoming worse. And because it’s so mild and gentle, people with sensitive and easily irritated skin don’t have to worry the way they would if they were using a product with harsh chemicals.

When it comes to Chamomile, it’s all about subtlety. It’s a little flower with big benefits. No matter the form you choose to use it in, be it a hydrosol or essential oil or extract utilized through a face cream, know that it’s the perfect skincare ingredient for keeping everything cool, calm and collected.

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