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While we give our bodies medicine for when they get sick, it might be a new concept to consider giving your skin its own version of medicine as well. For skin that suffers from acne, low collagen, an inability to properly heal itself, and a general lack of luster, brilliant botanical medicine is a must. Blooming flowers, healing herbs, and specialized ingredients offer a balancing pharmacopeia for your choosing, and when you find yourself at this veritable offering of plant-based wonders, please don’t forget to choose Dandelion.

The Latin name for Dandelion actually means “disorder remedy”, and for good reason! Dandelion contains such a highly concentrated amount of vitamin A that it’s one of the best plants to use for skin in need of more collagen, anti aging and repair. It’s a fantastic anti aging skincare ingredient for acne because of the high vitamin A content, and also helps to diminish dark pigmentation that often results from the inflammation that comes from blemishes.

Dandelion delivers a delectable palate of anti oxidants that work to reduce fine lines, wrinkles and sagging skin by scavenging for free radicals. It is a powerful and multidimensional anti aging skincare ingredient that helps to round out and make more comprehensive the formulas it’s included in. And because it is so high in vitamin A it is an absolute essential for any anti aging skincare strategy, as vitamin A has an extensive body of research behind it documenting its impressive anti aging feats.

While most people think of Dandelion as a weed, remember that it is the tenacity and strength of this common yellow-flowered plant that makes it so hard to get rid of! That strength is equal to botanical intelligence, and is the exact kind of strength and smarts you want on your skin. The better your skin is at adapting and repairing, the better it will look and feel. By including Dandelion in your anti aging skin care routine, not only are you educating, strengthening and youthening your skin, but you are making more effective the other ingredients you utilize as well because they blend with the Dandelion for a more synergistic anti aging effect.

Give your skin what it needs to stay young and bright for years to come. Though unassuming in appearance, Dandelion is powerful in its anti aging medicine; so welcome this little green weed into your life.

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