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Do you exfoliate your skin? While many people remember to do things like wash or moisturize on a regular basis, regular and proper exfoliation often gets pushed to the sidelines. And what a shame! Gentle and effective dermal exfoliation is such an important part of keeping your skin healthy and clear, and it’s so quick and easy that there’s really no excuse not to do it.

Your skin is made up of multiple layers, the very top of which is called the stratum corneum, and this top layer is thin and made up of dead and dried skin cells. If this layer is not properly sloughed off by you or by the natural processes of your skin, then a layer of useless build up begins to accumulate on your face, resulting in poor product, moisture, and nutrient absorption, as well as a dulled complexion.

There are so many different and easy ways to exfoliate your skin. Some people prefer enzymes, some like fruit acids or peels, and others use a manual exfoliant. Whatever method you use, it is important to pay attention to what your skin responds to best. Once a week is typically a good and healthy regimen for exfoliation, but some people need it more or less often. Listen to the intelligence of your skin, and pay attention to the feedback it gives you as you embark on your regular exfoliation journey.

Exfoliation on its own is great, but why not upgrade this easy practice for optimal results? The perfect time to put on a serum or specialty anti aging skincare product is after you exfoliate. You secure bonus points if you use something like a scrub or a mask that contains intelligent and clean anti aging ingredients. By upgrading your exfoliating experience to include more active ingredients that capitalize on the natural tendency of your skin to slurp up all the anti aging love you apply to it when its been freshly sloughed, you will get better anti aging results.

Intelligent and effective anti aging skincare does not have to be hard. It does not have to be cumbersome, complicated, or time consuming. If you don’t already, try gently exfoliating your face once a week, perhaps with an exfoliant that already contains some high quality anti aging ingredients. Then, follow up with an anti aging slurry of active ingredients in the form of a serum or nourishing mask (or both!).  

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