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You know that saying that beauty comes from the inside? Well, it’s actually true! A healthy body and happy life create a glow that everyone can see. And even though using high quality anti aging skincare is a must, don’t start to think that it’s the only way to support your skin’s natural beauty. Feeding your body healthy, juicy and nourishing foods can help keep your skin healthy, glowing and smooth. And the good news is that healthy doesn’t have to mean not tasty. On the contrary, you can have your food taste as good as it can make you feel- and you don’t have to be a professional chef either.

One of the easiest ways to start incorporating beauty supporting foods into your life is to make a smoothie. They taste great, kids love them, and they don’t require a lot of time and prep. There’s also a fair amount of wiggle room when it comes to making tweaks and changes that fit your personal taste. Whether you’re a berry lover or spinach freak, you can bet on there being the perfect smoothie combination for you.

When it comes to making smoothies, a big factor is texture. You want it to be smooth and luscious, and one of the best ingredients to help that along is the banana. It also adds great flavor and a nice level of sweetness that allows for you to stay away from adding extra sweetener. Mangoes also help to keep the texture of your smoothie smooth, naturally sweet and the perfect thickness.

If you are looking to boost the antioxidant quantity of your smoothie (which is always a good idea) look no further than berries.Tweet: If you are looking to boost the antioxidant quantity of your smoothie look no further than berries. http://bit.ly/1rtHBxn @NumerologySkin- Tweet That   Blackberries, blueberries, raspberries- these guys have the best taste, a lower sugar quantity than normal fruit and they just look so good! They also do a great job at masking the flavor of things like spinach and other dark greens in your smoothie so you can comfortably and confidently get your green smoothie game on without worrying about having to choke down what tastes like a blended salad.

Eating healthy can be fun, delicious and easy. You can support your skin’s natural beauty with a daily smoothie that packs some serious nutritional punch and helps you feel happy, energized and glowing. From antioxidant filled berries to vitamin C packed mangoes, potassium rich bananas and iron and chlorophyll packed spinach, you can mix and match your beauty smoothie to match your taste, mood and desired glow.

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