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Your skin puts a lot of time and effort into protecting you. It might not seem like it, but it’s true; it’s protecting you every minute of every day- no matter what. It keeps the bad guys out, lets the good guys in and shields everything underneath from the harsh world outside. Understandably, your skin can get a little battle worn, and it can start to show too. Premature aging is often a sign that your body’s most immediate outside protector (your skin) could use some protection too. And that’s where anti aging skincare comes into the picture.

Any high quality skincare will help with your skin’s overall protection, but there are also particular ingredients that are especially suited to helping your skin stay fortified, strong and resilient. One of these is Reishi, an herb that has been used in Chinese medicine for centuries and also grows here in North America. Reishi is a great anti aging skincare ingredient to use for your skin’s overall strength and to aid in it doing its job because it is an adaptogen, meaning it helps things (your skin in this instance) better adapt to and respond to stress.

Raw Shea butter is another fantastic protective anti aging skincare ingredient that is especially great for anyone who regularly exposes their skin to harsh elements like cold and biting winds. When applied, Shea butter leaves a thin but strong protective layer that can really help shield the skin so it can stay soft and juicy instead of getting haggard and dried out.

Vitamin C is a fantastic anti aging skincare ingredient that helps your skin stay protected and strong and looking good as ever. It is an ingredient that works best with consistent use over time, whereas you would notice the protective effects of Shea butter upon your initial application. It is also similar to Reishi in terms of its overall skin supportive properties that aid in your skin staying and feeling soft, plump, elastic and oh so very happy.

Your skin works hard for you. No matter what happens, it will always do its best. And for that, we say why not lend it some extra support? Vitamin C, Reishi and Shea butter are three of many other fantastic anti aging skincare ingredients that support your skin to do it thing to the very best. Whether you use one or many of them, you’ll see the fruits of your effort shine through your radiant skin.

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