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These days, fat has gotten a controversial rap. Some people love fat and swear by it, while others recoil in fear at the thought of an oil slicked plate- or face. But the truth is, you need fat. Your skin especially needs fat. Without those lovely lipids, your skin cells start to shrivel and shrink away, creating an old, sallow, and saggy complexion that is most definitely not worthy of you. So what’s the key to keeping your skin cells lusciously lubed and bright? Fats! And lots of them.

Just like everything else, not all lipids are the same when it comes to providing your skin with the essential fatty acids it needs in order to have properly functioning and happy skin cells. Ideally, you want to use the highest quality plant oils such as Rosehip Seed, Tamanu, Borage and Jojoba, because each of these oils is rich in skin cell stabilizing fatty acids that keep your cellular membranes at the correct level of permeability.

You can think of the permeability of your cell membranes as their intelligence, and the essential fatty acids that keep them in the correct margin of permeability as the building blocks that enable them to behave intelligently. If our skin is devoid of lubricating lipids, then our cells become unable to behave as intelligently, unable to properly decide what to let into the cell and what to let out, and in turn creates skin that is not functioning at its optimal capacity.

When you apply lipid-full oils to your skin like Jojoba or Seabuckthorn, you are also adding a beautiful botanical medley of antioxidants and other bioactive compounds that help to bring youth, radiance, clarity and elasticity to your skin. It’s the perfect way to work smarter, not harder while giving your skin a comprehensive anti aging skincare cocktail of love. Additionally, oils such as Jojoba help to balance the amount of oil your skin produces, and contains a full spectrum of skin softening and anti aging vitamin E for a glowing face after every application.

Loving lipids are the key to solving, and preventing, dry and shriveled cells. Feed your skin the food it needs, and give it oils like Jojoba and Borage for optimal skin intelligence and beauty. They soak in quickly, can be used alone or combined, or purchased as ingredients in already formulated cutting edge anti aging skincare formulas, such as Numerology.

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