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You may have come across Fennel as a bulbous looking vegetable with wispy green fronds and a slight licorice like flavor. You might not have thought anything of it- certainly not that it could have anything to do with your skincare. Alas! This funny looking vegetable has everything to do with your anti aging skincare. It’s hiding out in some of your favorite products, doing amazing things that bring your skin the most bang for your buck. Intelligent, precise and multidimensional, here’s what Fennel does for your skin, and why we like to use it in our formulas:

Superoxide Dismutase: You may not have heard of superoxide dismutase (or SOD) before, but rest assured that it is one of the most important antioxidants your body can come into contact with. So important, in fact, that your body also produces it on its own. And as you age, your body produces less and less of this critical antioxidant, which in turn makes you and your appearance more susceptible to the negative effects of premature aging and stress. One of the ways you can combat this drop in SOD is to use anti aging skincare ingredients—like Fennel—that naturally contain SOD.

Kaemoferol: This strange sounding substance is another very important and powerful antioxidant found in Fennel. Kaemoferol has been shown to have free radical fighting and anti inflammatory activity that in turn helps keep the skin happy, smooth and young. Remember that free radicals are going to come into contact with your skin no matter what, and these little guys are responsible for a lot of the fine lines and loss of skin elasticity that so many of us spend so much time trying to combat and correct. Having as many super strong free radical fighters—like Kaemoferol—as possible helps to keep the negative effects of free radicals at bay.

Quercetin: Similar to Kaemoferol, Quercetin is the third super charged antioxidant found in Fennel and its properties are similar to Kaemoferol in that it also works to keep skin free from degeneration, and its perpetrators: free radicals. It’s so effective, in fact, that many health conscious people take Quercetin supplements to make sure that they have ample amounts in their system. Quercetin also blocks the release of inflammatory substances with the skin known as cytokines, making it a particularly effective skin anti inflammatory ingredient.

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