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Chances are, you love collagen, even if you don’t know you do. It’s responsible for most everything good that goes on with your skin. Got skin that’s firm and doesn’t sag? You can thank your collagen. Got skin that heals quickly and with minimal scarring? Thank you collagen! Got skin that’s juicy and youthful? You can thank your collagen once again. So, even if you don’t even know it, keeping your collagen healthy, happy and abundant is at the top of your anti aging skincare priority list. You want to feed you skin with as many collagen healing and producing ingredients as possible. And one of those ingredients is Horsetail.

Horsetail is a tall green herb that grows wild and can also be cultivated. It looks a bit like a small version of bamboo with fronds growing out of it, and this little green plant specializes in promoting the continuous formation of collagen by feeding your skin with an abundance of silica. Silica is a very important component in the health and structure of your skin, hair, nails and even bones. It’s what helps to keep things flexible instead of brittle. Because of this, Horsetail is a superb anti aging skincare ingredient, as the silica contained within it promotes collagen formation and improves the skin’s texture.

Horsetail is also an astringent, meaning it helps to keep the skin toned, tight and youthful. It also contains a host of beneficial bioflavonoids and antioxidants that mitigate and prevent free radical damage that would otherwise cause wrinkles, dark spots, fine lines and a serious loss of collagen. As you can see, Horsetail is much more than an anti aging one trick pony, and the combination of its skin tightening astringent properties and its skin plumping and healing collagen building action make it a very effective ingredient to include in your anti aging skincare regimen.

Invest in your natural, inherent beauty with inherently beautiful and intelligent natural ingredients. You deserve the best, and there’s no reason you shouldn’t have it. Horsetail infused anti aging skincare products expertly support your skin’s natural ability to heal and regenerate itself with minimal effort. Serums, spritzers, creams and masks can all deliver the collagen building love that is Horsetail. Let this humble little herb into your life and revel in the daily glow and suppleness that will be your skin.

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