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Beauty is a dance of balance, and high quality anti aging skincare should help your skin do just that: balance. Most skin disorders and irritations are simply a result of the skin being out of balance, and by giving it intelligence promoting and nourishing substances, such as Jojoba, the skin is able to find balance again and return to its natural state. Whether your skin is dry, slow to heal, or in need of some anti oxidants and smooth, softening love, Jojoba is a wonderful solution for your anti aging skincare problems.

Interestingly, Jojoba oil is not actually an oil, but a liquid plant wax. Its chemistry is very similar to human sebum, and as a result of this similarity Jojoba is very easy for the skin to absorb and process. It is also non-comodogenic, and these two qualities make it an especially ideal oil for those whose skin doesn’t do well with other plant oils. Jojoba also does not go rancid, which is very rare and is another reason why it’s such a great oil to include in your anti aging skincare regimen. After all, using something this stable saves money, time, and is a perfect example of the deep intelligence contained within the substance.

Jojoba oil actually teaches the skin to produce the correct amount of its own nourishing oil, making Jojoba appropriate and healing for virtually all skin types. It’s basically an adaptogen for the face, and the close chemical makeup it shares with human sebum simply furthers this along. Jojoba also contains a full spectrum of vitamin E, which contributes to its anti aging and skin cell renewing properties. And because Jojoba is so light and quick to soak into the skin, it’s the perfect face oil for all four seasons, as it never feels too heavy or thick on the face.

Interestingly, just as Jojoba teaches the skin to produce the appropriate amount of sebum for itself, it is also quite effective at helping to unclog pores. This further demonstrates the awesome multi dimensional properties of this simple desert plant: skin balancer, pore un-clogger, moisturizer and golden, anti aging elixir.

Not only is Jojoba extremely effective at delivering and enhancing intelligence within the skin, it’s also a treat to use. And that’s the beauty of intelligently formulated anti aging skincare: it’s as fun as it is effective. Give your skin what it needs to come into balance, and stay there: Jojoba oil.

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