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If you haven’t used this AHA before, you’re in for a treat. “Lactic Acid on my skin”, you might say? Why yes! Lactic Acid does wonders for keeping skin tight, toned and hydrated. It’s actually one of the more gentle Alpha Hydroxy Acids and can be used in peels as well as in lesser concentrations in anti aging skincare products such as serums and even masks.

Lactic Acid works by gently eating away at the dead and rough skin, revealing soft, smooth and fresh skin beneath. It also is very hydrating to the skin, and you’d be surprised how dehydrated skin vs hydrated skin looks! You may not even know your skin is dehydrated until you use Lactic Acid, whereby you’ll realize that after the Lactic Acid, your skin is the most plump, even and soft it’s ever been!

Lactic Acid is also great for helping to fade dark discoloration on the skin, so if you are struggling with any kind of hyperpigmentation, be it from acne or too much sun, Lactic Acid is a great anti aging skincare ingredient to fade those pesky spots. It does this in part by increasing the cellular turnover of your skin, which sloughs off the discolored layers and eventually replaces them with new skin that has never been discolored or damaged.

Part of the aging process is the dehydration and shriveling up of the skin cells. By using an Alphy Hydroxy Acid such as Lactic Acid, you are able to keep the old, dehydrated and shriveled skin cells from building up on your face, and instead consistently make room for the new, plump and healthy cells to be at the forefront of your complexion. It helps with textural issues as well, because dried out and dead skin cells do not make for the softest skin around! By using Lactic Acid as your AHA of choice, you effectively mitigate the aging effects of having dead and dry skin buildup on your face, with the added bonus of increased hydration and evenness of skin tone.

AHA’s are very popular anti aging skincare ingredients, and for good reason. Lactic Acid is applicable for a wide range skin types, and is especially suited for skin that needs extra hydration, tightening and toning. It helps to keep the skin young and bright, and can be used in different concentrations to suit your anti aging skincare needs so you can happily bare your brightest face for the world to see.


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