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In the world of youth and anti aging, lasers are a really big deal. Like, really big. These expensive machines and their treatments are used for everything from wrinkles and pigmentation to scars and acne. There are different kinds of lasers that feature different frequencies, colors and methods. Celebrities use them and more and more estheticians learn about them. But are they a replacement for anti aging skincare?

As the beauty industry continues to meld with the medical community, more and more treatments that involve lasers are sought after. It’s no longer just a matter of collagen injections and Botox. And many people who are wealthy choose to combine their favorite anti aging skincare with laser treatments for their beauty strategy. Which might leave you wondering: if people who don’t get laser treatments are missing out on something really important? The truth of the matter is that while lasers can be very helpful in achieving and even maintaining your skincare goals, they are not a replacement for skincare. Tweet: While lasers can help achieve and even maintain your skincare goals, they are not a replacement for skincare @numerologyskin This is because while they might accomplish some similar goals to anti aging skincare, they do it in different ways. The light used in a laser, for example, could stimulate your skin to product more collagen, leading to a younger, more plump complexion. Similarly, using a skincare ingredient like peptides also stimulates the skin to produce more collagen.

Where the two methods differ is that lasers are much more intense than a skincare product, which makes them impractical for every day use. They also can’t deliver any kind of nutrition to your skin the way anti aging skincare can, which means you lose some of the potential adaptogenic effects that you can get from some skincare ingredients. Does this make lasers bad? Definitely not. What it does do is show lasers as a compliment rather than a protocol themselves. This also shows that if you cannot afford laser treatments for your skin, it’s ok! You can still reach your anti aging goals using properly formulated intelligent skincare every day. You are not missing out. And if you are someone who would like to try some laser treatments you can approach it confidently knowing that it is not a cure all, but rather a compliment. If you do decide to get some laser treatments done, make sure to take your time finding a knowledgeable and experienced practitioner; when done incorrectly lasers can burn you!

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