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Having plump, juicy, and glowing skin always feels amazing, and one of the most important factors for creating and maintaining that juicy tightness is collagen. There are many things you can do to nurture the collagen in your skin, and in fact, many skincare formulas and dermatological procedures specifically target collagen production. But what exactly is collagen and why is it so important to the health of our skin?

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body and is found in the skin, ligaments, cartilage, muscles, and connective tissues. The presence of collagen is absolutely central to the health and optimal functioning of these various tissues in the body. In the skin, collagen is what helps to hold everything together; in fact the word collagen comes from the ancient Greek word for “glue”.

As we age, our existing collagen begins to deteriorate and our bodies start producing less and less of it. This decline in collagen content leads to our skin beginning to sag and wrinkle because there is not as much cellular glue holding everything together. As you embark on your anti aging skin care journey, it is important to make sure that you are supporting the maintenance and continual formation of collagen in your skin. Without it, the skin simply cannot maintain a healthy and intelligent state, and in fact the skin’s natural ability to heal itself becomes compromised, leading to scars and less than optimal cellular integrity.

So what can you do to keep the collagen in your skin gloriously abundant? Make sure you incorporate substances into your anti aging skin care that encourage your skin to produce more collagen on its own. Remember, your skin is intelligent, and by using ingredients that prompt your skin to do the work intrinsically, you support and strengthen this natural intelligence. Some ingredients to look for are plant peptides and stem cells, amino acids, vitamin C, and high quality essential oils and plant extracts such as wild geranium.

By incorporating these brilliantly beautifying anti aging ingredients into your skincare routine, the natural wisdom and integrity of your skin is supported and celebrated. When your collagen is abundant and well cared for, your skin is equipped with one of the most important biological building blocks it needs in order to repair itself and remain dewy, tight, and firm.

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