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Everywhere in the sea is beauty. Bright colors of every sort abound, nourished by the mineral rich waters of the deep. Have you ever felt a stalk of fresh seaweed before? The vibrant green and innate strength of the plant is testament to what happens when one is bathed daily in the miraculous natural cocktail of seawater. We’ve taken these same minerals that make seaweed so strong and vibrant, and put it into our skincare for skin that is as bright, resilient and intelligent as can be.

Just as your skin and body need vitamins, they need minerals too. And unfortunately today those minerals are harder to get. Enter: Numerology Skincare’s Ocean Mineral Concentrate. This incredible anti aging skincare ingredient is a highly bioavailable and stable blend of over 92 ocean minerals that strengthens, educates and enlivens the very structure of your skin. Gone are the days of compromised skin healing, dull complexion and improper cellular function that leaves skin in a perpetual state of mediocrity and sadness.

Because seawater has a very similar composition to that of human plasma, the minerals found in the salty blue waters of the ocean are easily absorbed and utilized by the skin. You don’t need to pay a professional to give you a seaweed-based body wrap and facial once a month in order to reap the benefits of ocean minerals. You can use them every day, on your face, with nothing more than a simple squirt of your favorite Numerology product.

Ocean minerals also activate enzymes in the skin that are necessary for optimized cellular function, providing them with a form of super cell food that helps your skin communicate, regenerate and repair with maximum efficacy and ease. This is the perfect example of intelligent anti aging skincare- less work and better results from using optimized and specifically targeted ingredients that waste no time going straight to work for skin that is bright, tight and, well, right.

Nature offers us an exquisite bounty of ingredients for the best anti aging skincare experience imaginable. Our ocean mineral concentrate brings the resilience, beauty and intelligence of the sea into your daily skincare routine for easily accessible beauty care. Let the genius of the sea penetrate your skin, inform your biology, and bring forth the innate beauty blueprint contained within each of your cells.

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