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Did you make new years resolutions? If so, how many have you kept so far? Unfortunately for most people, after only a short period of time, their new years resolutions fall to the wayside and their old habits take center stage once again. But it doesn’t have to be like that! Instead of focusing on what not to do, focus on what you will do. It’s a whole lot easier to stay on track when focusing on the positive instead of the negative, especially when the negative is something you’ve been habituated into doing for a long time. With that in mind, here are some of the best new years “resolutions” for your anti aging skincare strategy that focus on the positive instead of the negative:

 Drink more pure water: This one’s easy! Get yourself a new water bottle if you don’t already have one (consider it a belated Christmas gift to yourself), fill it up with water and lemon or cucumber slices if that makes it more enticing for you, and then commit to taking it everywhere with you- every single day. Not only will this help to keep your skin clear, hydrated and fresh looking, but you’ll probably end up feeling a lot better too! And it will make drinking other things that you might be trying to cut out (like soda, for example) much easier because you’ll already have a replacement for them.

Do less: That’s right, less. Less, especially when it comes to your skin, can actually mean a lot more than you might think. If you’ve got a more lengthy, multi-step regimen, swap it out for a more simplified version. It can be as simple as a wash followed by your favorite serum or moisturizer at night, and an exfoliant once a week. Try it! You might find your skin to be less reactive, clearer and generally happier by doing less.

 Use vitamin C: If you aren’t already on the vitamin C train, don’t waste any more time and hop right on! It’s one of the most effective anti aging skincare ingredients you could possibly get your hands on in this day and age, and it’s so wonderfully accessible that there’s no excuse good enough to warrant not using it once you know it’s there. Vitamin C is fantastic in any kind of skincare product, so if you really love using a moisturizer, make sure it has vitamin C in it. If you don’t have a product type preference, we recommend using a vitamin C serum; it’s easier for your skin to absorb and use than other product types

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