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Did you go to Burning Man this year? It’s become a pilgrimage of sorts for a lot of people, and a certain amount of bravery is needed to fully embrace the raw and sometimes extreme elements of the desert. Harsh heat and sun exposure, strong winds, and lack of sleep can wreak havoc on your skin, and you may forget you ever had an anti aging skin care regimen to begin with! Recently, a good friend of ours mentioned that she had taken her Numerology serum to Burning Man, and we loved her story so much that we had to ask her to share it with the rest of you.

“I recently took a bottle of the Numerology serum to the Burning Man Festival which takes place in the harsh, dry Nevada desert where you can experience white-out dust storms, scorching hot temperatures during the day and cold temperatures at night. Nothing grows in this climate so this can give you an idea of the level of dryness. Needless to say, I used the serum every morning and night and received countless compliments on my skin. Plus, I did not use any sunscreen the entire week, choosing just to rely on a hat and the serum, and did not burn. I used the Numerology serum on my face, neck, shoulders, top of hands, and décolleté. I found it interesting that the product didn’t contain sunscreen, yet protected my skin…probably due to the synergistic combination of ingredients.”

Pretty cool, don’t you think? We loved hearing this story because it’s such a great reminder that proper anti aging skin care does not have to be complicated, cumbersome and inaccessible. Instead, it can be effortless, pleasurable, and effective. Smart, adaptable and integrity-promoting ingredients create skin that is intelligent, easily adapts to stress and is fully capable of properly regenerating itself.

Life happens, and your skin is bound to come into contact with pro-aging agents like stress, pollution, and so on. By utilizing intelligently crafted anti aging skin care, a beautiful synergy is created between the natural brilliance of high quality actives and the body’s own inherent wisdom. When you fully embrace and capitalize on this incredible synergy, you no longer have to separate your sense of fun and adventure from your commitment to self care. Instead, the two complement each other- illuminating you from within and without.

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