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Are you a picker? Picking is one of the worst habits you could possibly develop if you’re interested in having smooth, clear and bright skin, yet so many of us do it. If you struggle with a picking compulsion, known that you’re not alone. You can stop picking, and heal your skin as a result. Though it takes some discipline, it is so worth it! Many people even find that as soon as they stop picking their skin issues disappear! This is because by constantly picking at your skin, it never gets a chance to fully heal and is instead stuck in inflammation and damage mode, forever doing its best to heal but never getting the chance.

To stop a picking habit your approach should be two-fold. One aspect is more psychological, and the other is all about giving your skin extra anti aging skincare love so it can better heal itself. To tackle the psychological aspect first, it’s important to pay attention to what you’re doing. So many people don’t even realize when they pick their faces because they’re doing it unconsciously. By cultivating awareness around this habit, you can choose to stop when you realize you’re doing it.

Another trick is to refrain from leaning into the mirror, since for so many of us, leaning in to see what’s going on for our face is a huge trigger to start picking. This requires the cultivation of awareness and discipline as well, but it’s definitely worth the initial effort at breaking the habit. Additionally, visualizing your skin as bright and clear is a great reminder of why you stopped picking for those moments when you really want to.

The second part of our strategy is all about what goes onto your face. Give it lots of very strong anti aging and reparative ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid, vitamin C, Marine retinol, MSM, and Geranium to speed up the healing process. All of these ingredients are super hero skin regenerators, which is exactly what picked-at skin needs in order to come back into balance. And for those times when you do slip up and pick, applying these anti aging substances can help your skin recover faster from what could have been a much longer and visible set back.

Though in the beginning it can be challenging, breaking the habit of picking your skin is one of the most inexpensive and effective ways to ensure your skin stays healthy, glowing and strong. With some dedication, discipline and trusty anti aging skincare by your side, you can have clear, smooth and blemish free skin in no time.

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