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Want a clean face? Then put some dirt on it. Some clay, to be exact. Full of minerals that nourish and support the overall health and structure of your skin, all of it detoxifying and some of it even soothing, clay should be a mandatory part of your overall anti aging skincare routine. It’s affordable, it’s versatile and oh so necessary for a clean, clear, nourished and vibrant complexion that can stand up to stress, the rigors of your daily life and the natural aging process.

Clay can be used in scrubs, masks and even washes. Depending on the variety of clay your skin might feel tightened, toned, smoothed and hydrated and even exfoliated. Bentonite clay is perhaps the most widely known about clay for skincare. It comes from volcanic ash and is great for remineralizing and detoxifying the skin. Even though Bentonite clay is perhaps the most widely known, French Green clay and Kaolin clay are two of our other favorites for anti aging skincare purposes.

French Green clay is hailed for its skin toning and oil-absorbing capacities. It has an incredibly soft, almost airy texture and a beautiful light, earthy green color. It is a fantastic clay for anyone with sensitive skin and who would like their skin to be beautifully toned and remineralized. Anti aging skincare products that include French Green clay have a lovely, light and almost fluffy texture which makes them easy to apply and fun to use.

Kaolin clay is very light in color and is perhaps the most versatile clay for skincare. It’s especially suited for those with dry skin because it does not absorb oil from the skin the way that French Green and Bentonite clays do. It can help stimulate circulation in the skin, which is essential for having a radiant, glowing complexion. Because it has a nice, fine grain you can find it in all kinds of anti aging skincare products ranging from masks and scrubs to even soaps.

You can give your skin the support, protection and nutrition it needs to be vibrant, healthy and beautiful. By regularly using a high quality natural clay based anti aging skincare product you can easily invest in your skin’s beauty bank account. Next time you look in the mirror or touch your cheek and think about what your skin might need, just remember to put some dirt on it.

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