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Traveling can be a lot of stress on your skin. Airplanes, climate changes and loss of sleep all act as curve balls for your face. What was once clear and soft now has blemishes, dark circles and fine lines that you could have sworn were not there the day before. So what do you in order to minimize the negative effects of traveling on your skin? While you may not be able to completely neutralize any skin related stress, you can take some strategic action to help your skin better adjust to the demands of travel.

This may sound a little counter-intuitive, but not doing anything to your skin for the first day or so can actually be a great way to give it time to adjust. Just because your regular anti aging skincare regimen works for you at home, moving so suddenly into a new climate naturally means that your skin will require a different regimen. However, because you were in Colorado this morning and Orlando by early evening, your skin hasn’t had any time to adapt and realize, so to speak, that it doesn’t need the same kind of care it did previously. Give it a day and pay attention to how things change.

Adjust the products you use to match the climate you’re in. If you live in a really dry climate and travel to a place like Hawaii, for example, chances are you probably won’t need to use the same heavy moisturizer you normally do back home. After your 24 hour grace period goes by see how your skin has responded; if it’s looking and feeling hydrated and moist, skip the heavy moisturizer and stick to a lighter serum- maybe even at night if it’s really hot and sticky out. The same applies going from a humid climate to dry- you will most likely need way more moisture than at home, so be prepared.

Additionally, you should resist any urge to pick at your skin while it’s adjusting to its circumstances. It’s under enough stress already; it definitely does not need to go into healing overdrive from being picked at, so leave it alone and let it do its thing. These three principles of giving your skin time to adjust, then giving it what it needs and keeping it free from extra stresses can help you minimize travel related breakouts and dryness. Though not a cure all, it is an intelligent anti aging skincare strategy that stacks the odds in your favor no matter what kind of situations you encounter.

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