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Your skin, especially your skin’s collagen, is made up of protein, and this protein is made up of amino acids. In order for your skin to function to its full capacity, and for it to have an abundant supply of supple and juicy collagen at the ready, it needs plenty of amino acids. And while eating things like protein and using anti aging skincare ingredients that help to balance and heal your skin is helpful, why not cut right to the chase and put real amino acids right onto your skin?

One of the most important factors of amino acids is that they are crucial for holding and maintaining an ideal moisture balance within the skin. And it is this moisture balance that helps to prevent dry and thirsty skin cells that would otherwise result in saggy, dull and prematurely aged skin. While it’s one thing to use a moisturizer, it’s another to optimize your skin’s ability to hold onto moisture- and that’s exactly what amino acids do.

Amino acids are also natural free radical scavengers and work in conjunction with other anti oxidants to keep the wrinkle, fine line and dark spot causing free radicals out and away from your skin. Additionally, your skin’s collagen is protected from the damage that free radicals do to it, while at the same time the amino acids are encouraging and helping collagen production. The result is a comprehensive anti aging skincare approach that both nourishes and protects the crucial collagen beneath your skin.

We use the most painstakingly pure and comprehensive silk amino acid complex in our anti aging skincare products. They are the exact same amino acids found in the collagen and elastin within your skin, which makes this amino acid complex extremely bioavailable and easy for your skin to use. Now, you can dramatically increase the moisture content of your skin, increase your protection for aging free radicals, and rebuild the essential collagen and elastin that make sure your complexion stays firm, smooth, tight and clear.

For an abundance of natural beauty, give your skin an abundance of scientifically proven natural ingredients. You need not worry about wrinkles, fine lines, or the harsh aging and drying effects of the sun and elements. Simply nurture and support the unique and inherent intelligence of your cells. For skin as soft and strong as silk, you need silk amino acids.

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