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Summer is right around the corner and with it comes the bright and shining sun. Some people embrace it while others hide under umbrellas, clothing and copious amounts of sunscreen. While there is definitely such a thing as overexposure to sunlight (sunburn anyone?) in the right amount the sun is actually very important for the overall wellbeing of your skin. The trick is to take care of your skin in such a way that when you are intelligently getting sunlight you know you’re not contributing to premature aging and the other negative consequences that can come from too much improper sunlight exposure. With a little bit of strategy, knowledge and anti aging skincare, the sun can be your beauty ally. Here are the reasons why:

First, as you may already know, when sunlight mixes with your skin it creates vitamin D. And while many people think that no longer matters because you can supplement vitamin D instead, it’s important to point out that the vitamin D available to you in supplement form is not the same as the vitamin D produced in your skin during sunlight exposure. For supplementation, you get vitamin D3 or D2, depending on the supplement you buy. When you get out in the sun, your skin makes vitamin D sulfate, a water soluble form of vitamin D that can be transported by your blood and thus instantly available to your body for use.

Does this mean you should forgo your vitamin D supplements and get sunburned all summer long? Absolutely not. What it does mean is that getting vitamin D produced by sunlight is exposure isn’t the same as supplementing, and the good news is that you don’t have to wait to get a tan to start producing vitamin D in the sun. The more melanin your skin naturally has the longer you will have to be in the sun for vitamin D production, but the length of time is still significantly less than the time it takes to get sunburned. With an intelligent and strategic anti aging skincare routine to back you up and keep your skin performing optimally, you can safely go out in the sun to help your body produce vitamin D without worrying about premature aging, sunburns and the other negative consequences of excess and irresponsible sun exposure. Don’t hide from the sun all summer- now you know how to go out and enjoy it!

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