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You can spend hundreds of dollars on creams, lotions and fancy treatments to make your skin stay soft and smooth, and to their credit, many of them work. There’s a reason for them, and we definitely agree that intelligently formulated anti aging skincare should be an integral part of your overall skincare strategy and routine. But that doesn’t mean it’s the only thing that you can do to help your skin be happy. And it doesn’t mean that the other things you can do should cost you a lot of money. On the contrary, in some cases, what you can do doesn’t cost a dime.

Soft skin likes sweating. And it likes it for a number of reasons. One of those reasons is that when you sweat, your pores are given an opportunity to cleanse themselves of anything that may have been building up inside them. This makes sweating, be it in a sauna or on a run, a great way to maintain a complexion free from clogged pores. It doesn’t have to be extreme sweating either. Simply going on a run or doing another form of exercise that gets you sweating moderately will help keep your pores happy and build up free, and your skin soft to the touch.

Typically when you are sweating you also experience increased blood flow, which is a very good thing for your skin. This is because healthy circulation means lots of nutrients delivered to your skin on a regular basis. And this plentiful supply of dermal nutrition means your skin gets a beautiful, natural glow. It also means that your skin has more help getting rid of any waste because when the blood is on its way out, it carries away cellular waste products. This means that your skin will overall be functioning at its very best instead of struggling to do its basic and very necessary functions.

One of these functions is to make collagen, and as we all know by now, collagen is what keeps things (i.e. you) looking and feeling juicy, plump and young. Also, with your skin functioning at its best, your cellular turnover rate can stay where it’s supposed to, which means that your skin will have a much lesser chance of getting flaky dead skin buildup where it should be clear, vibrant and yes, very soft. So whether you get your sweat on by doing hot yoga, running or sitting in the sauna, know that every time you do, you’re helping your skin out too.

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