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With the sun shining bright, the flowers coming into bloom and the temperatures warming up you’re probably getting outside more to enjoy the warmth, light, chirping birds and fresh air. It’s a time of year when the heavy and biting cold of winter gives way to the moisture filled air of spring showers and skin that remembers how good the sun feels. And with this change in weather comes a change in the needs of your skin. For some, seasonal shifts trigger breakouts and temperamental flare ups that need calming. While temporary relief feels great, the best thing to do is arm your skin with what it needs beforehand so it can transition into spring (and summer, and fall, and winter) gracefully and freak-out-free.

One of the best anti aging skincare ingredients for helping the skin to both calm down and also adapt to new circumstances is Jojoba oil. With a solid dose of vitamin E and moisturizing essential fatty acids, the skin is easily and quickly quenched and calmed. Jojoba oil is also known as an adaptogen, meaning it helps the skin to better adapt to stress- exactly what easily bothered skin needs in order to transition from season to season seamlessly. Additionally, Jojoba oil is actually a plant wax with a very similar chemical composition to that of the skin’s naturally occurring sebum. This means that Jojoba will not clog pores and makes it extremely easy for the skin to absorb and utilize all that it has to offer.

Another fantastic ingredient to use for transition into spring and summer is a vitamin C serum. This is because, if formulated correctly (like ours is) it will provide the skin with hydration without making it feel oily or heavy the way some moisturizers can- especially heavier ones that many like to use during the winter when their skin is drier. The vitamin C helps to protect from and heal the damage from too much sun exposure, and is also a fantastic overall anti aging ingredient for helping to prevent the onset of premature aging in the skin. You can use a vitamin C serum or other vitamin C rich ingredient, like seabuckthorn oil.

While there are other ingredients that can help the skin transition from season to season, Jojoba oil and vitamin C are two easily accessible, simple and effective ingredients that soothe, protect and fortify the skin. Use them every day, year round for continued dermal support and renewal.

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