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There are a lot of different things you can do to feed and nourish your skin. A simple Google search can yield pages of suggestions, tips, tricks and even do’s and don’ts for skincare- it can get a little overwhelming! Whenever you find yourself feeling confused, overwhelmed or like you’ll just never have the time, money or even desire to do all the things necessary for you to reach your skincare goals, take a deep breath and bring it back to the basics. The reality is that you don’t need to do everything in order to take care of your skin. Rather, simply stick to a few core principles and you’ll be sure to cover all your essential skincare bases.

Principle #1: Keep it breathing. This means that you want to keep your pores and skin as open as possible, rather than covered and clogged. This applies to basically everything from makeup to dead skin cells. So, how do you keep things breathing? Exfoliate. Some people like a gentle exfoliation every day, while others prefer a good enzyme mask once or twice a week. Pay attention to what your skin responds best to and do that.

Principle #2: Keep it clean. Specifically, keep your anti aging skincare ingredients clean and pure. What you put on your skin has a huge effect on how it behaves and whether or not you feel like you’re getting the results you want. By making sure that your skincare is only full of the most high quality, nourishing and clean ingredients you help to prevent your skin from acting out as a result of sub optimal product formulas.

Principle #3: Keep it hands free. One of the quickest and most noticeable ways to thwart your anti aging skincare goals is to pick your face. No matter how much that blackhead or blemish is bothering you, please don’t touch it! Instead, focus on giving your skin all the things it needs to heal itself without finger picking intervention. This way you’ll be able to avoid the formation of post inflammatory pigmentation and further breakouts that often come as a result of picking your face.

When you feel overwhelmed or confused about what you should be doing for your skin, come back to these three principles. They’re simple and are easy to follow, as well as being great guidelines to keep in mind regardless of any other anti aging skincare practices you choose to take on. Keep it breathing, keep it clean and keep it hands free.

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