This is the Summer Skincare Switch You Need

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With the beautiful spring weather comes heat! Depending on where you live, the heat can be accompanied by some seriously sticky humidity, not to mention plain old sweat! And what does this mean for your skin? It means that your skin already feels like it's covered in moisture- because it is! The last thing you're going to want is another layer of something on your skin, especially a heavy moisturizer. So what do you do instead? You use a serum!

You use the right kind of serum, that is. Now, we're not talking down on moisturizers here, especially all-season moisturizers that aren't too heavy. If you have exceptionally dry skin or live in a dry climate, you may want to keep up with your regular moisturizing schedule, or simply adjust a little here and there as necessary. But for others, the moisture and warmth outside is too much and having a lipid-rich lotion slicked onto the face is definitely not what the doctor ordered. 

And that's where our trusty serum comes into the picture. Serums are typically lighter than moisturizers, even if the serum has moisturizing ingredients, which makes it perfect for hot and sticky climates. By utilizing light and non-comedogenic lipids coupled with hydrating botanical hyaluronic acid, our Repair Serum provides valuable moisture and hydration while still staying light on the skin.

And because hyaluronic acid has the amazing ability to adjust the level of water it attracts to itself based on the relative humidity of the environment around it, our serum (and other similar products with hyaluronic acid) basically have a built in moisture-adjuster to suit your skin's exact needs in that moment. Sounds like sci-fi, but it's real life!

As with any properly formulated serum (and any other product, really) the addition of effective and advanced repair ingredients makes it a multidimensional product that does more than just hydrate your skin. But the fact that it can be used year round for all over tight, plump and glowing goodness is reason enough to grab that bottle and head outside- oil slick and heavy face product free.

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