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Sometimes, the most striking things of beauty are formed in the midst of the rough and ragged. On the stone covered, craggy shores of the ocean grows a remarkable plant bearing gifts of beauty and youth to all who seek her. Her name is crithmum maritum, or sea fennel, and this remarkable plant transforms the nourishment it receives from the mineral rich and salty sea into an anti aging and skin restorative elixir that acts as an upgraded vitamin A and youth-promoting mineral delivery system for your beauty and love deserving face.

There are many different anti aging skincare ingredients on the market today, all of them claiming to tighten, tone, regenerate, and heal. And of all those various ingredients, not one has the kind of scientific backing and acclaim as good old vitamin A. This incredibly effective skin-loving vitamin helps to restore elasticity, brighten a dull complexion, heal and fade scars, and bring the juice back into a saggy face.

While vitamin A has long been heralded as a skincare super hero, there are some unfortunate side effects that many people experience as a result of using it topically. Dry and flaky skin, photosensitivity, and general irritation are among the most common complaints, but it doesn’t have to be that way! You can upgrade your vitamin A to a better, more effective, and non-irritating form that plumps, primes, youthens, and softens exactly how you want.

The deeply restorative and remarkably hardy sea fennel yields an extract rich with a botanical skin nourishing form of vitamin A that brings softness, clarity, and collagen into your anti aging skincare regimen in a way that nothing else can. Not only does sea fennel deliver a superior and non-irritating vitamin A to your skin, but all of those incredibly nutritious and skin-strengthening sea minerals, amino acids, antioxidants and polyphenols work together to effectively stimulate the skin to produce more collagen and speed up cell turnover so you can be fresh faced and glowing, all the time.

And because sea fennel extract is an unadulterated and naturally occurring ingredient, the full spectrum of this hardy and beautifying little plant is easily absorbed into your skin, bringing increased dermal harmony, intelligence, and anti aging efficacy into your skincare efforts. Crithmum maritum is truly an anti aging skincare gem. With this skincare superhero around, there really is no good reason not to upgrade.

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