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Smooth skin is one of the hallmarks of a complexion that’s been well taken care of. It’s a sign that all is well in the world of your dermis; that you’ve done your job as a keeper of its happiness and natural beauty, and that it’s going to age well (or already is). There are many factors that go into the creation and maintenance of smooth skin. Moisture, hydration, proper rest and stress management, and of course wise anti aging skincare choices. One of those wise choices comes in the form of a product known as an exfoliant. With regular, gentle exfoliation, smooth skin becomes less of a dream and more of a reality as wrinkles and fine lines erase themselves from the beautiful display that is your face.

The reason exfoliation is so important for maintaining a smooth and youthful complexion is because it keeps dead and shriveled skin cells from accumulating on the surface of the skin. When they are able to accumulate on the surface, they create a scaly layer that prevents the new, juicy and young skin cells your body has created from fully coming to the surface. Instead, they maintain their layer that looks dry and dull, and increases the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. By gently exfoliating your face on a regular basis (once a week is a great place to start) you effectively get rid of this layer of dead and dry skin and uncover the young, new and plump skin underneath. Additionally, the removal of this dead skin cell layer makes it so that the anti aging skincare products you use are better absorbed and utilized by your skin because that dry and brittle layer is gone.

You can use manual or enzyme based exfoliants, and if you’re not sure which one your skin prefers then do a couple week trial with each one and see for yourself! If you do choose to go with a manual exfoliator for your anti aging skincare routine, make sure that the exfoliant is gentle and not super harsh and scratchy on your skin. You want it to remove the layer of dead skin on top without damaging the new and fresh skin underneath.

Though there is more than one contributing factor that goes into the texture and appearance of your skin, gently exfoliating on a regular basis is a fantastic and necessary way to keep your skin looking and feeling smooth, soft, and maybe even wrinkle free.

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