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Have you ever wondered what the exact purpose of a toner is? Is it supposed to disinfect, or shrink the pores? Soothe inflammation, or prepare the skin for a mask? The reality is that if you are using a high quality product, it can be used to achieve multiple objectives, and in the case of a toner, this includes moisture, collagen building, and soothing inflammation.

While the term “toner” can be applied to a wide range of product formulas, not all of them are actually formulated for the same purpose. For example, it’s very common for toners to contain harsh alcohols that strip the skin of its naturally occurring protective barrier, and this is absolutely not what you want a toner to do to your skin. Instead, you want it to be a compliment to the moisturizer or serum that you are using, and to even take the place of either product when the weather’s hot and you want something more light and refreshing on your face.

With this in mind, choose a toner that is full of reparative herbal infusions, collagen building and anti inflammatory ingredients, as well as something to attract and hold moisture in your skin. Stay away from harsh chemicals and alcohols that are designed to essentially strip away your skin’s acid mantle in an attempt to disinfect your skin. This is especially pertinent for folks who are acne prone or suffer from premature aging, as the harsh stripping chemicals will only further irritate and age your skin.

We love using our anti aging repair toner to “set” and seal in moisture from our anti aging repair serum, and find that it enhances the skin plumping effects of the serum. On a summer day, it feels absolutely divine to spritz the face with a soothing, hydrating and collagen building toner that’s designed to actually heal the skin instead of strip and dry it out. In fact, if you have to use a moisturizer after using your toner because your skin has been dried out, throw it out!

Get to the good stuff and invest in the longevity and radiance of your skin. Harsh chemicals that strip the skin have no place in an intelligent anti aging skincare regimen. Apply a toner that’s designed specifically for the purpose of soothing, plumping and refreshing, and allow yourself to enjoy the ease and efficacy of a truly multidimensional product.

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