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Cystic acne is so hard to deal with. It hurts your self-esteem, is physically painful and can damage your skin over time. It can also be extremely difficult to treat and get rid of, which just adds to the already high level of frustration that cystic acne causes. If you or someone you know has cystic acne, read on. While each person will have to address their own uniqueness, there are definitely some over arching things to consider when trying to clear up cystic acne for good.

Many professionals believe that cystic acne has a hormonal root. If you have cystic acne, especially around your chin, it is very likely that you have a hormonal imbalance that you should get checked out by a professional. While using intelligently formulated anti aging skincare is an important part of healing your skin, at some point there’s only so much it can do if the root of your skin problem lies beneath it.

Food allergies can be another trigger for cystic acne. Common allergens for people include wheat and dairy, as well as a diet that is very high in sugar. This is because the blood sugar spiking effects that sugar has on the body actually disrupt your body’s endocrine system, which in turn puts your hormones out of balance. Additionally, too much sugar can also create an overgrowth of yeast in the body called candida, and some people find that that also has a negative effect on their skin health.

Another thing to look at when addressing cystic acne is if you use a harsh facial cleanser that leaves your skin feeling squeaky and stripped after you’ve washed it. If so, this could be contributing to your skin complaints. This is because the cleanser strips your skin’s natural acid mantle and protective barrier away, leaving your skin exposed to foreign agents that can more easily irritate and infect it. Instead of using something like this, use an anti aging cleanser with a gentle coconut based soap that will still clean your skin without stripping away the acid mantle.

Even though cystic acne can be so incredibly hard to deal with, don’t give up hope. With some perseverance and a broad, all inclusive strategy that addresses more than just your skincare you can heal and finally have the skin you know you’re capable of.

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