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Facemasks sometimes get a reputation for being more of a luxury anti aging skincare product rather than an important part of an all encompassing skincare strategy. This is such a shame! High quality and intelligently formulated facemasks can deliver dermal nutrition and care to your skin in a way that other products just don’t. And many masks feature ingredients that are otherwise hard to find in anti aging skincare products like cleansers or even serums. Many times these ingredients are especially restorative and protective, which is exactly what your skin needs during the cold autumn and winter months.

One of the most widely known about and popular facemask ingredients is clay. The reason for this is because it can work all its wonderful skin loving magic if it has a little bit of time to sit on the skin. There are different varieties of clay and though all are similar, each does have its own specific qualities and benefits that make it suitable for different things. As a result, your skin might not like certain clays while it loves others. For the cold autumn and winter seasons, you will probably find it best to stay away from more drying clays like bentonite and stick to more gentle and restorative clays like French Green and Kaolin clays. Both mineralize, tone and soothe the skin, making the sometimes harsh elements more tolerable and less damaging to your complexion.

Another popular category of skincare ingredients often found in facemasks are exfoliators like fruit enzymes or AHA’s. Both are great alternatives to manual exfoliation and a facemask provides the perfect vehicle for their delivery because they get to sit on the skin and do their thing but are then washed off so they don’t stay on the skin too long, as might be the case if you were to use them in a serum instead. Keeping your skin gently exfoliated in the fall and winter keeps it more plump, hydrated and better able to absorb the other anti aging skincare ingredients you use as well.

When it comes to good, effective, long term anti aging skincare, using a facemask regularly, such as once a week, is an integral part of a complete skincare protocol- especially during the fall and winter months when your skin needs an extra boost of vibrance. They are easy, feel really good, are effective and more times than not they provide a much welcome excuse to take a break and relax for 20 minutes. 

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