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Here at Numerology, we’re all about using the highest quality ingredients in the most effective concentrations, in order to create the best anti aging skin care ever. We love ingredients that promote dermal integrity and healing on the highest level. And it is this love for extreme and potent regeneration that led us to the noble wild geranium plant. This hardy and beauty-filled blossom heals damaged skin on a level that’s all its own- and we just can’t get enough of it.

One of the reasons we include geranium in our formulas is because it is especially suited for healing and preventing scars. Whether they’re scars from acne, burns, or other traumas, you can count on geranium to replace the old and damaged tissue with fresh, new, healthy skin. Geranium has even been used to heal severely burned skin without leaving any residual scarring. This is truly amazing, as there are many substances that help to heal scars, but we can’t think of anything else that doesn’t leave an after-mark!

We also use geranium because it facilitates strength and the uniform distribution of melanin in the skin. This is great because everything from sun exposure to picking to simple blemishes can leave the skin saggy and with dark pigmented spots that often require months to heal- if they heal at all! Geranium serves to balance this out by tightening the skin and preventing melanin from concentrating in one spot, thus keeping your complexion even and spot free.

Regeneration, balance, and tone are blended together to create a veritable triple threat in the world of anti aging skincare. And it is this magical blend of brilliant regeneration, tightening, and toning that has led us to love the purple-pink wild flower known as geranium. At the heart of it, geranium is an anti aging tonic for your skin, bringing much needed botanical healing and balance where there was once trauma and stress.

Where there is beauty, there is synergy, be it in a beautiful plate of food, a skillfully crafted painting, or the products you put on your face. The synergy of the natural intelligence of your skin blends seamlessly with the healing and strengthening smarts of geranium, creating a true recipe for beauty. The information contained within this little plant is pure healing love, and like we said, we just can’t get enough of it.

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