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Whether you are busy and on the go, or indulging in some much needed self care, as a smart and savvy woman, you want beauty and lifestyle products that are easy to use and deliver effective results. You want formulas that deliver everything (maybe more) that they promise. Your products need to be lightweight, potent, and intelligent. Whatever you choose to use needs to deliver the biggest bang for every buck you spent on it. It needs to be a serum.

Serums are specially formulated product delivery systems with molecules that are smaller in size than other product types, such as cleansers and moisturizers. Serums also typically contain a higher percentage and concentration of active ingredients. The smaller size of the product molecules and higher percentage of active ingredients translates into greater anti aging results, because your skin gets more therapeutic ingredients sent deeper into its layers.

Because serums are so effective at delivering more ingredients deeper into the skin, it is important to take extra care when considering your serum of choice. Look at the ingredient label, and make sure it’s not loaded with petroleum and synthetic alcohol based ingredients that are notorious for prematurely aging the skin. Make sure it does contain beautifying botanicals and top of the line, scientifically proven anti aging additives like plant peptides, stem cells, and Hyaluronic Acid.

Serums are also great because they are typically more lightweight than other beauty products, making them ideal for use year round, with or without makeup. Some makeup artists even like to use a really high quality serum as their makeup primer! A lot of medi-spas also utilize the hyper-healing powers of serums for use after their more aggressive skin treatments such as chemical peels and laser sessions because of how quickly and effectively the serum calms irritation, provides a light barrier of protection, and jumpstarts the dermal regeneration process.

It is this jumpstart in healing and regeneration that provides such strong incentive to include a serum in your everyday anti aging skin care ritual.  Serums are a smart, easy and effective way to optimize your anti aging skin care efforts, and when lovingly formulated, next to impossible to compete with. Smaller molecules and a larger percentage of potent active ingredients create skin that glows with a juicy health and vibrancy. Serums are smart, their ingredients are smart, and that makes your skin smart. In essence, your serum is your skin’s best friend.

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