Numerology is amazing. I am a 67 year old man who has lived and still lives a very active life. The Numerology system has removed layers of sun exposure damage from my 67 year old nose in a matter of weeks! i am very grateful for my skin and its healing. Thank you Numerology.

George B. Berkeley, CA



When I started using Numerology, it not only helped to clear my skin from breakouts but also made it look fresher and brighter. My face was flawless! As I continued to use these products, my husband, who usually doesn't even see the difference if I have makeup on or not, recognized the change. That was the biggest confirmation of all regarding how well this product line repairs skin. The repair cleanser, toner, and moisturizer are my favorites! Numerology is simply amazing. Plus, it's organic. Thank you for the wonderful products!

Mazaiyari J.



My search for clear skin goes back to my uncomfortable and awkward days of being a pre-teen. I was told by my dermatologist that he had never seen such a bad case of cystic acne, and I was promptly put on Accutane because literally no other professional treatment had worked. After a five month run with Accutane, my acne began to come back, and my search continued. Needless to say, I have spent years and years trying to clear my skin, refusing to give up, and conducting hours of research online and in every skin care book I could find. Now, at 22, I am proud to say that I have flawless skin. I never wear makeup and get compliments all the time on how clear and healthy my skin looks. My favorite Numerology product is the serum, and I literally slather it all over my face at least two to three times a day because it's so enjoyable and effective. I've also noticed that since using the eye repair, my dark under eye circles have begun to fade, which is something I've previously never been able to successfully get rid of. I am also a trained Master Esthetician and can honestly say that every single one of the professionally formulated lines I learned about do not come close to Numerology, and neither do their results.

Brooke M,, Portland, OR



I've been obsessed with face "product" my whole life. I've invested an incredible amount of time and energy as well as money into creating and maintaining healthy skin. In the past I've struggled with finding a product that is EFFECTIVE and clean. I adore Numerology because it is the perfect balance of natural, organic, earth based technology and results. This stuff WORKS!!!! After only one month, my skin was obviously clearer, more supple and smoother. I'm SO grateful that these products exist. I think these products could revolutionize a very toxic beauty industry. I pray they do. They have certainly revolutionized my face!.

Erika W., Fairfax, CA



I am a 62-year-old woman who, like so many women, have tried innumerable skin care lines over the years. my skin now has specific needs, and the Numerology line is working beautifully. I am amazed at the immediate improvement of my skin elasticity, tone and texture after a very short time using this line. In particular, I love how my face feels after I use the Repair Scrub and the Repair Mask. The system is easy to use, and more than anything else, I have zero concerns about what I'm putting on my face. I know a little about the research and care that has gone into the development of Numerology, and the all-natural ingredients feel so clean and pure, starting with the first two ingredients listed on the labels: love and respect.

Lynne W., Salt Lake City, UT



Thank you Numerology for creating products that are completely pampering! Prior to being introduced to Numerology my skin was largely neglected. I felt like the harm of most commercial products outweighed the benefits and so I went without. When I learned about the Numerology products, I was thrilled that there was a company creating products that nourish my skin, feel (and smell) amazing and contain only the highest quality ingredients. I've been using Numerology for about a year and I love, love, love these products. My skin feels and looks great and using Numerology always adds a few minutes of indulgence to my day.

Stacy S., Murrietta, CA



I have sensitive skin with a mix of dry and oily areas of my face. My Numerology regimen seems to balance out the extremes, leaving my skin looking (and feeling) hydrated, but without a heavy, thick weight to it. Plus... I'm 42 years old and I can tell when I go through phases of forgetting to use the eye repair creme and the facial repair serum. Those two are absolute musts for fighting fine lines and helping elasticity!! My skin looks so much younger and smoother after introducing Numerology products to my face. AND this stuff is good for the planet and for our bodies. Win Win…just how I like it.

Karyn A., Venice, CA



I finally found the best skin care products in the world….. at a price I can afford. As a fair skinned redheaded woman in her mid forties living in Costa Rica, my skin takes a beating every single day. I have searched high and low for a product line that was good for my skin and provided results for a mid forties woman who will not go down the aging road without a solid and thoughtful fight. I've tried many many moisturizing face products, but invariably, they were either too greasy, too heavy, ineffective or smelled funny. When I first started using the Numerology products, I knew immediately that they were different. First of all, they lacked that synthetic, flowery, perfume smell that so many commercial products have. Individually, they all had either a natural scent, or none at all. And nothing was greasy or heavy. I felt lighter and brighter right away. Most importantly, my skin transformed before my eyes. It seemed like overnight I have plumper, more even toned and less tired looking skin. Sun spots faded, the texture went from rough to smooth smooth smooth like a baby's bottom. I mean that. My crows feet have softened by more than fifty percent…..and my skin overall appears and feels tighter and more toned. I love these products! I cannot imagine ever using a product line other than Numerology. Thanks Numerology!

Laine H., Costa Rica



I would say that I’m a face product “junkie”. I’ve been obsessed with skin care since I was about 15 when my Grandmother began telling me her skin care “secrets”. I’ve tried everything from cheap over-the-counter products found at the local grocery store to expensive prescription products available only at the pharmacy or dermatologist. When I was first introduced to Numerology Skin Care, I was immediately impressed with each and every one of the products they offered as I had twenty years of my own personal research and knowledge under my belt to appreciate what each and every product offers. Because of the Numerology Skin Care products, my skin looks and feels AMAZING, always! My personal favorites are number 51, the Repair Serum and number 41, the Repair Scrub.

I’ve been using Numerology for about a year now and I can say without doubt that this is the BEST product I have ever used.

Steven S., Los Angeles, CA.



Numerology Skin Care has truly saved my life! I have had adult acne consistently during certain times of the month for the past 7 years. I am 45 years old. I have spent a TON of money on professional facials and the products they recommended. To no avail. I have made EVERY dietary adjustment suggested. Nothing made a difference until Numerology! I have now been outbreak free for 6 months. This is unheard of for me. I am so grateful for this amazing skin medicine! There is no other product line that I will even consider using at this point. Numerology is everything that I was looking for. Thank you Numerology!!

Georgia G., Berkeley CA



Hello Friends! Being in the Salon world I am exposed to just about every product there is. On the other end , being in the Education portion of the salon world it is my job to dissect and evaluate any product that I use. Whether it's the Runway, photo-shoots, or your everyday need, I always seek the hottest best and best performing product.

My taste is exquisite and my expectation is perfection especially when it comes to the hair, face and skin. Those I believe are our exterior assets as Women and when we give them attention they will last us a long time. Given the proper attention and care, our beautiful hair, bodies and skin will respond.

In the busy times of today I need something to work beautifully and my expectation is perfect performance. This may seem unreasonable however I believe we were perfect to begin with and product can enhance what gifts we were given.



People always ask me how old I am if not daily on the every other. Is it my fashionable hairdo, and my sweet style? Well I'm sure that adds to it but, IT'S MY FACE I TELL YOU !!! The first thing people see is my face. I cannot say enough on this unbelievable product and the amount of difference it makes. I am in my late thirty somethings and the word on the street is that I should pay attention to my skin. Yes there are so many things out there to do the altered trick if we so damage ourselves. However, I consider prevention and feeding my skin. I am not the person that follows the strict regimen. I lead a busy life as a Mother, Business woman and full time doer of all things. Washing my face is a luxury and I tell you NUMEROLOGY IS MY GO TO SKIN CARE FOR ALL THINGS. I don't need another skin care line. This is the only thing in my shower. For me the product Queen..well you can decide! We are blessed ladies. This is our gift.

Tricia S.



My name is Trisha McBride and I started using NUMEROLOGY a little over a year ago. In the past I have worked in the cutting edge cosmetic industry and have a vast knowledge of skin care products. I can honesty say that I have used it all, yet I have never used anything like NUMEROLOGY.

I have extremely sensitive skin and most product irritate my skin leaving me unhappy and unsatisfied with the results. Also being a conscious player on this planet, I don’t want chemical ridden crap on my face. I don’t want the products I use tested on animals and I don’t want to spend my hard earned money on a over oiled corporate machine.

Five problems solved, done and done. I personally know the owner of NUMEROLOGY, I know how long it has taken her to create this product, I know personally of her dedication and commitment to the raw food and holistic world. These products have blown my mind and make my skin SING. I absolutely LOVE her skin care line and after using the best of the best I won’t use anything else on my face. I believe in taking care of my self from the inside out and using NUMEROLOGY makes me so happy. You can feel, smell and sense the dedication in these products.

After 10 years in the cosmetic industry and using the most expensive well researched products on the market, I would give NUMEROLOGY, FIVE STARS. For sheer excellence, the best and bio dynamic skin care on the market. Thank you for creating my dream skin care!

Trisha M.



These products have changed my skin’s game!!! I’m always searching for products that are both natural AND affective. I’ve finally found both in Numerology’s Anti-Aging skin care system! I only carry things that I truly love and believe in in my store, this is one of my favorite new additions to my designer shop in LA. Numerology is a cut above the rest!.

Hayley S.



I received my Numerology skin care line in the mail and promptly began using it. And I kept using it. Daily. Which is the major miracle for me. Rarely do I use anything consistently because I just don't see results normally. But with Numerology, I loved the ease of it, and loved the smell of it. I loved the way my skin felt when I used it and if I did forget the product I could tell the difference.

Now that I've been using it for at least a month, I've had a chance to go to my esthetician who wants to know what I am doing differently to my skin! There's the proof. It works, it's simple to apply, it smells divine, and it's exciting to know it is helping my skin.

D'ana B.



I am a woman in my late forties who has spent a small fortune trying different skin care products.  I’ve tried everything from high-end products that are sold in plastic surgeon’s offices such as Obagi, Kinerase, Vitamin C serums, Glycolic acids, Hydroquinone bleaching creams, Retin A/Retinol products, Alpha Lipoic Acid products, Alpha Hydroxy acids, etc… to over-the-counter products such as Olay, Dermalogica, Neutrogena, Perricone MD, etc… First off, many of the products are tested on animals which is completely unacceptable to me for reasons I needn’t explain. Secondly, many of the products are full of fillers and harsh chemicals that I don’t want on my body.  Finally, most of the products either made my skin break out, didn’t really work or irritated my skin.  Not to mention the fact that the prescription skin care products are ridiculously expensive.  At home, I use a 3-step process now, ALWAYS using the Numerology serum before I put my makeup on and when I travel, it’s the only product I use. I even keep a spare bottle in my car.  Something in their product feels like it has the ability to pull moisture out of the air and onto my skin. I noticed the dewiness of my skin right away. I started my husband on the Numerology serum and we both nicknamed it “THE DEW.”  Now before we go out, we ask each other, “did you do the Dew?”  I highly recommend their serum because it is light, has great ingredients, doesn’t clog your pores and gives you the dewiness of a baby's face!


Stephany W., Salt Lake City, Utah



I am a busy, executive who doesn’t have time for an elaborate skin care protocol, especially when I travel and I'm packing light. I'm in my fifties and I’ve noticed my skin has lost a lot of moisture and some elasticity. I’ve started using the Numerology am/pm serum and like how moisturized it makes my face feel without any irritation. It’s perfect after I shave, is never sticky or greasy and smells nice. The bottle is small enough to fit in my carry-on toiletry case when I travel. I’m very satisfied with this product and will be purchasing again.


Dave W., Mesquite, Nevada



The Numerology Anti Aging Line is a truly amazing Anti Aging skin care system. As an active 50 year old male I have spent and continue to spend a tremendous amount of time outside in harsh weather conditions, including powerful sunlight and strong winds at high altitudes. While I love the natural glow my face receives from being outside I have also noticed that my face was beginning to reveal the wear and tear that goes along with it.  

 A friend suggested I try the Numerology Anti Aging line to enhance the natural brilliance of my face and to soften the crow’s feet around my eyes.  I noticed immediate results and have received a number of comments and questions as to what I was using on my face to make me look so young.  

So here is my recommendation to any active person who is seeking ways to grow older naturally and elegantly...choose Numerology!!

Tim —Portland, Oregon



I had just begun to worry about crow's feet and was not sure how keep my skin looking and feeling youthful. Enter in Numerology, within a week I noticed a huge difference around my eyes and the combination of the products took my skin to a new level.  Smooth, clear and full of life.  I love the way each product works with the others and I can feel the high quality of the ingredients used.

Eliza K., Los Angeles, CA.



NUMEROLOGY is by far the most effective product line I have yet to use.

I love all the products for their organic components and their result driven power.

I am a female over 70 with a skin almost void of wrinkles and the usual facial skin aging signs.

My facial skin is smooth, well hydrated and reflects a healthy and youthful look.

I feel blessed to have found NUMEROLOGY and it is with great satisfaction that I will continue using the products.


Kathleen W., La Jolla, CA.



I’ve been using Numerology Skin Care for two months now. After 3 days, I saw a difference...softer and more supple skin. After a month, there was a huge difference in the texture and softness of my skin. The crow’s feet around my eyes are much less noticeable. I even saw a difference in my décolletage. I stopped using my prescribed Retin A cream because Numerology is giving me the same effects, but naturally.


Sunny S., Park City, Utah



Numerology has changed my life. I have struggled with acne since I was 12 years old, I am now 34 years old. I always thought my acne would go away with age. I was very wrong, my skin was aging and I still had acne. I have tried every product out there, from Dr.Perricone, Lancôme, Kiel's, proactive, Le' Mer, SkinCeuticals, Clarins, Livia and so many more. NUMEROLOGY has saved my skin, not only has it cleared up my cystic acne (my dermatologist wanted me to take Acutane) but my skins texture has improved dramatically. I recommend it to everyone!!! Thank you NUMEROLOGY!!! I am forever grateful.


Ariane B., Salt Lake City, Utah



I can’t remember a time when my skin felt better.  The Numerology Anti Aging line can be summed up in one word - life-changing! Who knew that violet glass bottles and jars dispensed such aromatic scents and product that literally altered the condition of your skin almost upon application.  I am the worst when it comes to regimen, but NUMEROLOGY makes it easy with a numbered line and just the sheer pleasure of opening and applying.  The product itself smells so dreamy and delicious that I am tempted to eat it because I’m quite sure due to it’s organic origins, it would make me healthier inside ad out.  My skin literally FEELS better from the inside and it looks better on the outside.  The moisturizer is just the right amount of moisture and doesn’t leave a residue or sticky feeling which is important to me.  The face scrub is a heavenly concoction that leaves my skin feeling refreshed and rejuvenated of dead cells; I keep it handy in my shower for a quick use.  The face toner is easily spritzed and within seconds makes my skin look fresh and bright.  My all time favorite is the lip drench which only takes a small layer to plump up my lips and make them feel alive!  I cannot recommend this line enough.  I am obsessed and addicted to NUMEROLOGY and will continue to use it as my daily skin line.


Augustina S., Seattle, Washington



Numerology is BY FAR the most comprehensive, nutrient packed skin care line I've ever used. The smell is blissful perfection and the glow in my skin is to show for its effectiveness. As a trained master esthetician, it is rare to find a product line that doesn't skimp on the active ingredients. That's all Numerology is made out of! I am so thankful for its creation.


Soriah M., Portland, Oregon



I can't begin to express the gratitude I have for your product! All of my life I have had a skin issues from acne at and early age all the way into my adult years to a recent diagnosis of Perioral Dermatitis. Perioral Dermatitis is a mouth and nose rash that occurs in women in there 30's. When the dermatologist informed me I had this condition I was told that they do not know what causes it, but that ingredients like sodium lauryl sulfate and make up tend to create break outs.There is no cure for PD and I would have to deal with the rash coming and going for the rest of my life. Then the doctor gave me a medicine for the rash that contained sodium lauryl sulfate!!! So, as you can imagine, I was devastated walking around town with a mouth rash and not allowed to use any make-up to conceal only made things worse.

After doing my research and learning a more holistic route of healing my skin I decided to give your product a try. After all it was one of the few on the market that truly has only natural organic ingredients. Within only 3 days my rash was gone! I could not believe my eyes, I could walk with my head held high again and address people eye to eye without the thoughts of my embarrassing rash or even needing make up. I now have been rash free for over a year and witnessed not only my adult acne, but the scars from painful acne in my teens vanish. I never believed that I would be one of those women with flawless skin, in fact I had just learned to love the card I had been dealt. Thanks to Numerology I have a new found confidence. Your face is your first impression and having gone through years of not wanting to connect with people due to the condition of my skin I can tell you that your products have changed my life forever...Thank You!


Nicole D., Minneapolis, Minnesota



NUMEROLOGY….Truly, it is food for the skin. Wonder food. A friend introduced me to Numerology about 2 months ago and when sitting to write this testimonial, it struck me that I haven't used concealer since…it's truly amazing to me how alive and healthy nature is when it is fed the nutrients it needs…it's all cliche but it's all a glow!! The repair serum in particular rocks my world daily. I'm outside more or less all day, everyday and I would even say my sun spots have diminished (sort of faded?) since I began with these products. Arrrghh I can't say enough good things. TRY IT AND SEE!.....xo


Alexandra W., Newport Beach, CA.



"I have used every all-natural, organic, high performance skin care line and nothing, I mean, nothing compares to Numerology.  I haven't had one breakout since I started using Numerology.  My skin feels nourished and always looks refreshed. My pores have shrunk and my skin tone is even and smooth. My fine lines have disappeared and my face looks young and fresh. This stuff is simply amazing. Look no further than NUMEROLOGY. It takes care of everything! Simply wow."





I finally feel very lucky. A dear friend of mine informed me about a new researched environmentally conscious skin care line called Numerology. After receiving the beautifully presented complete package of anti-aging products I became resolute and determined to use only these products on my skin for the next several months. I can honestly report I used all these products in their entirety because they are so fabulous. I had become so used to having to buy products from numerous companies just to find the ones I felt worked for my skin. Most did not. Numerology has developed products that are unique, they feel good, they smell fantastic, and the most important........they work. My skin feels better, looks better, younger, I receive compliments from friends that my skin looks more youthful. The anti-aging lotion, the mask, the scrub , the lip quencher, are products that I know I will never be without again. Thank you Numerology!!!!


Marilyn F


I've been using Numerology products for several months now and my skin has never looked better. It feels soft and looks radiant. I've been searching for years to find an all natural line of facial products that actually work to make my skin look and feel healthy and beautiful, I finally found it. I love the whole line from the scrub to the lotion to the lip drench, it's all amazing!! Seriously the best product line I've ever used. Thank you!


Jennifer P. Los Angeles

Let me tell you, you do!  I practice amazing skincare but your youthful looks made me look into Numerology.  I've been using it since late January and my skin has honestly never looked better.  I'm doing the eye serum, the moisturizer, the clay mask, and a face serum.  Even David mentioned how much he likes the mask.


I’m spreading the Numerology gospel! I've used La Prarie, La Mer, Juice, Perricone, and so many more over the decades.  Numerology easily sweeps them all aside.


I have been using the Numerology skin care line for about 3 years, and as my 60th birthday is fast approaching, would like to express my absolute endorsement of the products. I use the toners, day and night moisturizing lotions, serums, scrub and mask.
Prior to my introduction to Numerology, I used a number of very high-end skin care products. In my experience, Numerology stands out from other products in three significant ways:
(1) First and foremost, the combination of the serum, toner and moisturizers create an incredible balance that I don’t feel topically on my skin, but can feel protecting and moisturizing my skin beyond the surface. In other words, no greasy layer on top, but a deeper suppleness and freshness to my skin from below the surface.
(2) There is no false sense of value created with a scent. The product ingredients speak for themselves, and there is no sense that the integrity of the product is being compromised with gimmicks-very straightforward.
(3) The price point is a bargain, with respect to the ingredients, results and comparable products-it lasts for months.

I have very dry skin, and live in a cold, dry climate. Numerology gets me through my climate and Scandinavian skin genetics.

Julie P., St. Paul, MA

I used your repair serum after doing some quick research on the internet...specifically looking for something pure but effective because synthetic ingredients give me rashes and perioral dermatitis. i'm 49 and i also need effective skin boosters. at my age, friends are constantly pushing their mlm products, mostly beautycounter and rodan and fields. i find the products both pricey and inferior. they just don't quite deliver all that i need. i ran out of your serum a couple weeks ago, and instantly realized what this product was really doing for my face. my acne returned. my perioral dermatitis returned. my skin wasn't bright. "what is this stuff?" i thought. and that's when i did something i didn't do before....i read vanessa's bio and a magazine article and delved deeper into the ingredients. no wonder this shit works! just wanted to say thanks for delivering exactly what i need...affordable clean products forumated with love for the gift that these plants are to the universe. you rock!

Jerri Johnston