As a Numerology Skincare wholesaler, you are able to order our products at a significant discount in order to sell them in your own storefront- be that online or brick and mortar. Whether you own a skincare or natural beauty blog, online web store, spa or salon, or even run your own buying club, wholesaling with Numerology is a great way to cut your costs, make money, build your brand and provide your customers with cutting-edge natural skincare that works.

Are you new to Numerology? If you would like to try our wholesale offerings purchase our starter kit. The starter wholesale kit includes 3 items of each Numerology.

To get started, simply let us know which products you would like to order, along with the amount with the live chat. Once received, you will then receive a payable invoice from us. Please note we require a minimum of 30 units in order to qualify for wholesale pricing. If you have a custom order that you would like to place, please click on the button below. 


Full-Size Wholesale


31 - Cleanser

8-ounce - $19.36

Wholesale Repair Cleanser (31)

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41 - Scrub

3-ounce - $19.40

Wholesale Repair Scrub (41)

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23 - Toner

3.8-ounce - $16.70

Wholesale Repair Toner (23)

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51 - Serum

2-ounce - $23.30

Wholesale Repair Serum (51)

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30 - Brightening Serum

2-ounce - $31.70

Wholesale Repair Brightening Serum (30)

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55 - Eye Repair

1-ounce - $26.63

Wholesale AM/PM Repair Eye Serum (55)

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65 - Lotion

3.8-ounce - $23.30

Wholesale Repair Lotion (65)

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26 - Night Cream

3-ounce - $23.64

Wholesale Repair Night Cream (26)

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74 - Mask

3-ounce - $26.63

Wholesale Repair Mask (74)

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9 - Lip Drench

47-ounce - $10.84

Wholesale Extreme Lip Drench (9)

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