Wholesale Skin Care Kits

Looking for a comprehensive, high quality skin care kit for your high end clients can be confusing and time consuming. How do you decide what all natural products should be included? We’re going to talk about how Numerology Skin Care products can answer that question.

Numerology Skin Care offers ready-to-go wholesale kits so you can get started wholesaling ASAP. Our skin care kits have been mindfully curated to include each of our products so you can offer a full selection of the best anti aging skincare available. As always, each product is made with natural and organic ingredients, and manufactured in our cruelty free facility right here in the USA.

Numerology Skin Care Full Size Product Kit

If you would like to try our premier Numerology products and offer them to your clients, we offer a wholesale product starter kit. Each kit includes 3 of the following items:

  • Wholesale Repair Serum (2 oz.)
  • Wholesale AM/PM Eye Repair Serum (1 oz.)
  • Wholesale Repair Lotion (3.8 oz.)
  • Wholesale Repair Cleanser (8 oz.)
  • Wholesale Repair Mask (3 oz.)
  • Wholesale Repair Scrub (3 oz.)
  • Wholesale Repair Toner (3.8 oz.)
  • Wholesale Repair Night Cream (3 oz.)
  • Wholesale Extreme Lip Drench (½ oz.)
  • Wholesale Repair Brightening Serum (2 oz.)

Our wholesale product starter kit is the culmination of years of intense research and development. Our products have been carefully and scientifically formulated to deliver real results.

Order Your Wholesale Skin Care Today!

Don’t choose a wholesale skin care line without looking into and trying Numerology. Our customers report smoother, younger looking, and softer skin after using our products. Our formulary experts have spent years perfecting the products we offer. The result is a highly effective, nutrient rich line of products that will quickly give your clients the results they are seeking. Our friendly customer service team are ready and willing to help you with your skincare needs. Simply shoot us an email at info@numerologyskincare.com or fill out this form and we’ll email you!