Wholesale Skin Cleanser

No skin care regimen is complete without a nutrient rich, all natural facial cleanser. If you want smoother, younger looking skin, Numerology’s repair cleanser is just what your skin is yearning for. Our premier cleanser will strengthen the matrix of your delicate facial skin while gently removing the toxins and pollutants left behind by your busy day to day life. With a soothing blend of seaweed, concentrated antioxidants, fatty acids and food grade cold pressed plant oils, your skin will begin to heal and look younger and more vibrant than ever before.

For 30+ years, Numerology Skin Care has spent considerable time and money in the research and development of our elite skincare line of products. Developed in the Numerology state of the art, cruelty free lab, under strict quality control standards, our products are always natural and cruelty free.

What a Good Cleanser Can Do For You

We all know how important a daily skin care routine is for keeping your skin happy and glowing. However, do you know WHY it remains one of the most crucial components of your daily routine? Let’s talk about some of those reasons:

  • Exfoliation: When you wash your face with water alone, washing away those pesky dead skin cells is almost impossible. This leads to layers upon layers of dead skin cells built up on the surface of your skin causing dry, uneven skin tone and texture. This also leads to clogged pores and more frequent acne breakouts.
  • Dryness and Dehydration: When dead skin cells build up on the surface of the skin, vital nutrients from your skincare don’t have the opportunity to penetrate your skin. The product then mixes with the dead skin cells, causing clogged pores and more frequent breakouts.
  • Uneven Skin Texture: When our skin is dehydrated, the moisture component in makeup products like foundation is absorbed and the pigment is left to sit on the surface of your skin, creating a splotchy, uneven look. If you aren’t cleansing your skin daily, you don’t ever rid your skin of the previous days makeup. Using our premium Numerology Repair Skin Cleanser will remove built up makeup and dead skin cells, providing the perfect palate for optimum makeup application. Get the most out of your skin care routine with our cleanser.

When dead skin cells are routinely washed away, you pave the way for better regeneration of healthy, younger looking skin cells. Gentle cleansing combines with overall healing to give you the industry leading repair cleanser on the market today.

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Numerology is committed to intelligent radiance. We believe premium ingredients result in world class products. If you are looking to add a wholesale line of products to your business, choose the best. We only use the most pure, natural and highest quality ingredients available. The best ingredients result in the best products. We believe in what we do and in making the world a better, more beautiful place.

Our products are always 1 manufactured in a cruelty free, energy efficient facility. Our friendly customer service team are ready and willing to help you with all your wholesale skincare needs. Simply shoot us an email at info@numerologyskincare.com or fill out this form and we’ll email you!