Wholesale Skin Toner

Do you write a beauty blog, own a skin care store or run an online business and want to increase your business revenue? Skin toner’s can have the stigma of being a harsh irritant to sensitive skin. However, Numerology has reinvented and innovated the skin toner product. With ingredients that strengthen and restructure the foundational matrix of delicate facial skin, our repair toner is one skin care product you don’t want to miss!

Our sophisticated line of products is designed to re-educate your skin and provide it with the ingredients it needs to have a beautiful, radiant glow. For more than 7 years our formulary experts perfected the art of formulating natural skin care essentials. The result is Numerology Skincare as we know it.

What Can a Toner do for My Skin?

When toners first made their beauty debut, they were touted as the next best thing in makeup removal. Toners have evolved since those early days and now have beneficial properties that can actually help damaged skin, exfoliate dead skin cells and build the strength of your skin cells and collagen. More benefits include:

  • Amino and hyaluronic acids in our toner help to reduce the appearance and size of pores. This also helps to promote smoother, younger looking skin.
  • When you have oily or acne prone skin, the tendency is to use astringents to clear oil from skin. In doing so, the skin produces more oil to compensate. Botanical antioxidants and vitamins actually promote healthy sebum secretion, normalizing oil production.
  • Hyaluronic acids, lipid factors and cellular permeability of our products helps dry or mature skin to become hydrated and plump. This also helps in wrinkle reduction. Active dermal solutions rich in nutrients help to keep skin moisturized and vital.

Numerology’s Wholesale Repair Toner ** helps to fortify and strengthen the cellular matrix and structure of your facial skin. It also aids in the retention of the moisture necessary for healthy, soft, wrinkle free skin. With ingredients such as: amino acids, hyaluronic acid, vitamin c, panthenol, botanical antioxidants and plant lipids, your skin is sure to feel the love. Sold in lots of 30- 4oz bottles with pumps, order your wholesale repair toner today!

Order Your Wholesale Skin Toner Today!

Adding Numerology Skin Repair Toner to your premium skin care line up is good for your business, and your customers. Once you’ve tried the difference our world class toner makes in your facial skin, you will never be caught without it. Our industry leading products always begin with premium ingredients, and are manufactured under the strictest quality control standards in the industry. We believe in what we do and in making the world a more beautiful place. Our friendly customer service team are ready and willing to help you with all your wholesale skincare needs. Simply shoot us an email at info@numerologyskincare.com or fill out this form and we’ll email you!